We are Seven Studios

Founded in 2023, Seven Studios was envisioned as a haven where innovation and imagination are nurtured. We aim to establish a space where every creator, irrespective of their experience, feels comfortable, at home, and free from judgment.

Our establishment in the heart of Doncaster stands as a testament to our dedication to the craft. Whether you're an enthusiastic novice just beginning your journey in podcasting or a seasoned professional seeking the perfect backdrop for your next visual narrative, our state-of-the-art facilities are tailored to cater to your every need.

The Seven Studios ethos is deeply rooted in partnership and growth. We genuinely care about each member of our creative community. As you evolve, refine your craft, and expand your reach, we're right beside you, celebrating every milestone and success. Your growth signifies our growth, and this shared journey of evolution is what fuels our passion.

Conveniently situated just a short walk from the Doncaster train station, our space seamlessly blends convenience with top-tier craftsmanship. From our meticulously designed podcast studios and infinity cove to our collaborative co-working spaces and specialised weekend cooking studio, every facet reflects our commitment to excellence.

The heart of Seven Studios is our unwavering commitment to the community. We endeavour to foster an environment where knowledge is shared, collaborations are forged, and visions come to life. Our dedication extends beyond mere facilities; it's about nurturing relationships, embracing growth, and championing creativity.

Step into your Seven, where we don't just support your creative journey — we embark on it with you.

Our Team


Ryan Malee


Jordan Smith

Lead Video Editor

Harry Ogley